SUPERDUPERMOON??? The media LOVES to hype these so-called “supermoons,” which come around every year or so, when the Full Moon is closer to Earth than at “normal” times. But the Full Moon of November 14, 2016 will be a “superdupermoon,” the biggest, closest supermoon since 1948, and the biggest and closest that the Moon will appear until the year 2034!!!!… Continue reading

The Full Moon of Passover

In 2016, the fourteenth day of the Hebrew month of Nisan begins at sunset on Friday, April 22. The Full Moon of Passover rises above the eastern horizon at sunset. This evening is the “Erev Pesach, ” the Eve of Passover. The Israelites would kill the paschal lamb before the next sunset, and eat the Passover meal early after the… Continue reading


  And the popular movie in question was NOT “Saturday Night Fever”! 2015 will have the first Christmas Full Moon since 1977, 38 years ago. No one under the age of 40 can remember the last time this happened. That famous movie came out in 1977, the year of the last Christmas Full Moon, and the latest Disney-produced sequel in… Continue reading

Blue Moon

BLUE MOON: There will be a Blue Moon on Friday, July 31! In the popular parlance, a “Blue Moon” is commonly regarded as the second Full Moon to occur in the same calendar month. The average cycle of the Moon’s phases is 29.53 days, so it’s possible for a second Full Moon to occur in months of 30 or 31… Continue reading

The Waxing Moon of March/April 2015

  THE CURRENT LUNAR MONTH happens to be particularly interesting during the waxing phases (lunation 1141 according to Brown’s series of 1923): FRI MAR 20: The equinox total eclipse of the Moon over northern Europe, perigean spring tide raising an 18 year supertide at Mont Saint-Michel in France; SUN MAR 22: High-elevation conjunction of the two-day old waxing crescent Moon… Continue reading

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