And the popular movie in question was NOT “Saturday Night Fever”!

2015 will have the first Christmas Full Moon since 1977, 38 years ago. No one under the age of 40 can remember the last time this happened.

That famous movie came out in 1977, the year of the last Christmas Full Moon, and the latest Disney-produced sequel in the same movie series is coming out now, in 2015, the NEXT year with a Christmas Full Moon! As if all that’s not remarkable enough, here’s another amazing fact… the face of Mickey Mouse can be seen on the Moon! Coincidence??? You decide!

Actually not! Due to the Metonic Cycle (google it), Moon phases repeat on the same dates every 19 years. 1996 should have been the next occurrence after 1977. However, the Metonic Cycle is not exact, and due to all the “loose change” with lunar cycles, the precise moment of the Full Moon occurred late at night on Christmas Eve instead. So there was no Full Moon on Christmas Day during that Metonic cycle. But the Christmas Full Moon is now back on track and will recur again 19 years from now, in the year 2034.

As for the “Mouse in the Moon,” there are all sorts of images that people find in the Moon’s features, from “The Man in the Moon” to a lady, to a rabbit! But once you learn how to pick out Mickey Mouse, you’ll never look at the Moon the same way ever again! See More

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