AMERICAN ECLIPSE! WHERE WILL YOU BE FOUR YEARS FROM TODAY??? Hopefully you will be in CLEVELAND, OHIO or one of many other fine locations along the path of totality. This well be the second total solar eclipse of the AMERICAN ECLIPSE CENTURY. Others will follow in 2044, 2045, 2052, 2071, 2078 and 2099. It’s not too early to start making… Continue reading


HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE? If you’re an American and you missed totality in 2017, you probably have not! No, it’s NOT a partial solar eclipse! No, it’s NOT a lunar eclipse! Once you see a total eclipse of the Sun, you’ll never forget! And you’ll have a chance four years from today! April 8, 2024. Continue reading


Mars has had a great year! After reaching blazing brilliance this summer, the Red Planet has still been a conspicuous object through the fall, hanging high at the meridian after sunset. The waxing crescent Moon will pass close to Mars in conjunction on Friday evening, December 14. This pair will be close the “circlet” asterism in Pisces and the “water… Continue reading

THIS WEEK! Moon and Three Planets

July,2018 is an excellent month to observe the visible outer planets. The waxing gibbous Moon aligns with bright Jupiter on the evening of Friday, July 20. After that, the Moon draws closest to the planet Saturn on the evening of Tuesday, July 24. Keep an eye on the Moon from night to night as it draws near Mars on the… Continue reading

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