(From the November 29, 2020 edition of the Classical Astronomy Update newsletter….) December 15, 2020 will mark the 30th anniversary of Classical Astronomy.  On that date in 1990, I was 29 years old and we were living in the Washington, D.C. area.  During the DC years I discovered Sky & Telescope magazine and amateur astronomy, which changed the course of… Continue reading


ORION RETURNS! Everyone’s favorite constellation is Orion the Hunter. Orion cuts a dramatic figure in the heavens, easily spotted by the three stars of Orion’s Belt, frozen in his timeless celestial battle with Taurus the Bull. Though best seen in the cold months, Orion is invisible during the summer, between the months of May through July, hidden behind the bright… Continue reading

Venus, Mars and the Moon

MOON AND PLANETS THIS WEEKEND! Mars has put on quite a show in 2016, and the year ends with an extended “visitation” with the bright planet Venus. Spot these blazing “stars” as the waxing crescent Moon passes by this weekend. And then keep your eyes on Venus and Mars as they draw closer and remain close until February, 2017. These… Continue reading

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