THE MOON AND THE CHRISTMAS PLANETS! We’ve been reporting on the upcoming Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn since summer. Tonight is a night we’ve been waiting for! Following the recent total solar eclipse over South America, the waxing crescent Moon has emerged from the sunset glow and is now visible again in the evening sky. Tonight, Wednesday, December 16, the Moon will appear near Jupiter and Saturn, which are now VERY close together in the evening sky. You’ll still get a nice few of this trio on the evening of Thursday, December 17. Just look to the southwest in the hour after sunset. You can’t miss them. And remember to look every clear evening between now and next Monday, December 21, when these planets will be at their closest. This is not a “Christmas Star” as reported elsewhere in the media. But you can call them “Christmas Planets,” a cheerful apparition in the sky to close out this awful year right at Christmas time. DO NOT MISS IT!!! We’ll be clouded out tonight here in Cleveland so take a look for us!
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