Total Solar Eclipse USA – NEXT YEAR!

On Monday, August 21, 2017, there will be a TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN passing over the United States, from coast to coast.  A lot of people don’t appreciate the magnitude and significance of such an event.  Basically, the Moon will BLOCK OUT the Sun for a couple minutes, and the brightness of noon will become the darkness of midnight, as the Sun appears as a black hole in the sky, and the stars come out at mid-day.

A total solar eclipse is considered the GREATEST, most SPECTACULAR natural wonder in the world.  It’s widely known to be a jaw-dropping, gut-level, visceral experience to see the Sun extinguished by the Moon in the middle of the day. People have been known to weep and scream at the sight.  And it’s coming to the USA, for the first time in a generation.
(The above image is of the 1999 total solar eclipse over Europe)
Most Americans today have never seen a total solar eclipse.  There has not been a major total eclipse of the Sun over the USA since 1970 (with only a minor one in 1979).  The only Americans under 50 who have seen such a marvelous sight are well-heeled “eclipse chasers” with the resources and opportunity to travel to exotic locales around the globe to witness this most special event in the sky.  But the 2017 eclipse is the first “blue collar” eclipse within reach of average Americans, who lack a fancy travel budget.  But most significantly, there has not been a coast-to-coast USA total solar eclipse since 1918!  Being the first coast-to-coast eclipse since the rise of the automobile and the interstate system, this 2017 eclipse is an UTTERLY UNPRECEDENTED opportunity for all Americans, coming up only next year.

An actual total eclipse will not be seen from everywhere in the USA on August 21, 2017, but only along the narrow path of totality.  This path is only 70 miles wide, but extends 3000 miles coast-to-coast, from Oregon to South Carolina, passing over twelve states.  Outside of the path of totality, only a “partial eclipse” can be seen everywhere else.  So if you are not along the path when the Moon’s full shadow passes over, you will be standing in the sunshine!  You will NOT see a total eclipse, and you will NOT see the Sun blacked out and you will NOT see the stars come out in the middle of the day!  So if you don’t live along the path, you can plan your Vacation ’17 around seeing the eclipse!

(The above image is from
The 20th century was a “dark age” of solar eclipses over the USA.  There were eleven total solar eclipses, but only the ones in 1918 and 1970 were significant.  But this changes in 2017.  In the 21st century, there will be ten total solar eclipse, but six will be significant.  And they will occur more closely together!  Elementary school-aged children in 2017 will be in college for the next eclipse in 2024, and young adults visiting Alaska in 2033.  But those same children will be a 30- or 40-some parents with their own kids in 2044 and then in 2045 for the REALLY TREMENDOUS total eclipse of the 21st century.  There will be other eclipses beyond in 2052, 2071, 2079 and thereafter.  Those eclipses beyond won’t do today’s parents much good, but today’s little kids can hope to enjoy total solar eclipses with their own grandchildren, up through the year 2099 and beyond.
(The above image is from
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Friends, it’s as simple as this: our generation owes it to today’s kids, to make sure they see the upcoming 2017 eclipse so that they can be prepared for a lifetime of domestic eclipse chasing.  How our generation handles this one will set a precedent for the future.  Over 100 million Americans will be within an 8 hour drive of this event.  Everyone in astronomy circles is expecting this to be widely hyped in the media as the time approaches.  But as of now, this 2017 eclipse is inexplicably receiving ZERO advance publicity in the mainstream media.  This is unfortunate because people need to start making their own plans THIS YEAR.

We are currently in the process of creating our own eclipse web site, and will hopefully launch that soon.  Also, an eclipse ebook is currently being produced which will be jam-packed with useful information.  It is my vision and goal to have 100% awareness of the eclipse among Christian homeschoolers, so that we all have the opportunity to make plans for our children to observe this most wondrous glory in God’s creation.

Also, please let me help you homeschoolers who live along the path to organize local events in their areas.  The eclipse will pass over or near several large American cities, including Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville, and the largest cities in South Carolina.  Please consult this NASA interactive map to find your location and discover the duration of the eclipse in your area.  If you live along the path of totality, please send me an email and let me help equip you with information and with any local plan-making you might wish to undertake.

Additionally, I would hope that homeschoolers who live along the path would extend eclipse hospitality to friends and family living outside the path.  If every family could host even one other family, this would double the number of Americans who could experience the eclipse.
Also, if you have a farm or other tract of open land along the path, you have an excellent opportunity to make some money from hosting some eclipse-chasing families.  We’ll share some more info in future newsletters.  But again, please drop an email if you would like some advance ideas.  The 2017 eclipse is already NEXT YEAR and 2016 is now THE TIME for everyone to be making their eclipse plans!

Friends, I’m totally confident that this eclipse will be HUGE NEWS in the media during the summer of 2017.  But we can’t afford to wait until the media wakes up to this story.  This can be a tremendous opportunity to observe first hand how “the heavens declare the glory of God.”  This is also a chance to bless others and to be blessed, especially our young kids, and also for prospective entrepreneurs to turn a profit.  Please friends, let’s all plan to make the most of this opportunity!  And please share this info with all your friends!

Let’s start getting excited about the 2017 eclipse!
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