Return Policy

Fourth Day Press guarantees that your order will arrive safely and without damage. If your order arrives in poor condition, please return your damaged item in the original carton and we will send you a new one.

Please be advised that all changes are final. We hope that your family will be blessed by Signs & Seasons and learn many remarkable things about Classical Astronomy and the night sky. However, we cannot accept returns if you simply do not like the book or its content for some reason.

Signs & Seasons presents much information not generally known in our generation, and may challenge some reader’s opinions or misconceptions. Signs & Seasons presents an evolution-free overview of traditional Classical Astronomy, shown from a “heliocentric” perspective. Comparisons are made to show how elements and terminology from legitimate astronomy have been stolen and corrupted by the superstition of astrology. Care has been taken to delineate these important distinctions. Extensive Biblical and historical sources have been cited to support each lesson in Signs & Seasons, and nothing is written in this book that conflicts with the teachings of Scripture.

If you have a concern, we ask that you review the Sample Pages, the Look Inside, and the Endorsements, or send us an email for more information before deciding to purchase.

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