Signs & Seasons has been enthusiastically endorsed by several homeschool reviewers and users of the curriculum….

What are the Homeschool Magazines Saying?

The Old Schoolhouse
Our kids are getting the best possible astronomy class with Signs & Seasons. But something else just as wonderful has happened as a result: we as the parents are finally learning about this little-studied science on a deeper level for the first time. Don’t skip astronomy, and don’t just gloss over it, either. Avoid the dumbed-down curriculums. Signs & Seasons delivers.

Homeschool Enrichment
Signs & Seasons is the clearest, most concise book on astronomny that I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. All other books on the subject have been confusing to me. But not this one. Signs & Seasons is a most excellent work. I give Jay a “standing O” for this quality work.

Homeschooling Today
Include this delightful book in your study of God’s creation. Every page is chock full of information and illustrations to drive home the concepts. Building line upon line, precept upon precept, Ryan invites you to join in with the heavens as they declare the glory of God.

What are the Homeschool Online Reviews Saying?

Eclectic Homeschooling Online
The author discusses how the night sky changes with the seasons, making for a wonderful foundation for stargazing. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to be outside and hear a small voice pipe up, “There’s the Big Dipper! Look, it leads to the North Star! That way is north!” or “I found Cassiopeia!” or “There’s Saturn!” (Yes, the author also discusses the planets and their motion.)

Knowledge House
Signs & Seasons provides a serious study of astronomy, and yet it is enjoyable to read and doesn’t seem like a textbook at all. Even the introduction and appendix are interesting! It is suitable for a high school level astronomy class or as a self-study guide to the sky for homeschoolers, college students, and adults. While the recommended age level for Signs & Seasons is 13 and up, the whole family can benefit from this book.

Signs & Seasons is a fascinating book. Its beautiful cover will grab children’s interest immediately, and the descriptive illustrations will allow parents with no knowledge of the subject to grasp it quickly. The activities are plentiful so a family can pick and choose. Not only will Signs & Seasons put you more in touch with God’s creation as the author suggests, but also it will bring your family closer as you gaze at the heavens together.

What are Homeschool Moms Saying?

Bloom Academy Homeschool
Our family received our long awaited copy of Signs & Seasons in the mail today, and I must take a moment to tell you what an instant treasure it is. I have not been able to put it down. It is very refreshing to have found such an amazing resource from both a classical and a biblical perspective.

Paula in Colorado
Jay Ryan does an outstanding job of explaining astronomy in terms simple enough for anyone to understand!! I am very impressed with this easy-to-understand, God honoring book. Jay Ryan has a passion for astronomy and for giving God the glory He deserves. This is the BEST astronomy book I’ve seen!

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