Privacy Policy

The Classical Astronomy website and Fourth Day Press are family home business operations of the Ryan Family. We are not part of the corporate culture of the Internet and we do not employ the invasive tactics typically used on the web to collect personal information from web site visitors. We do not collect IP addresses or otherwise seek to track the movements of visitors to this site, other than to count visits to our web pages for statistical purposes.

Subscribers to the Classical Astronomy Newsletter

Email addresses are collected solely for the purpose of emailing the Classical Astronomy Update and other bulletins to subscribers who specifically request the newsletter. Subscribers can unsubscribe at at any time through a web-based form linked to the newsletter. We will not in any way make public any subscriber email addresses. We would never share these email addresses with any other parties, nor would we sell these email addresses to spammers. Email addresses are not collected, recorded or in way saved from the Contact Form.

The subscription form for the Update includes an optional field for a subscriber’s name. This is done simply to attach a human element to these anonymous email addresses. The web is already an impersonal place, and we like to hope that we are making virtual friends through this service. Also, we like to pray for new subscribers. Since very few people correspond with us, this may be our only chance in life to pray for that particular person. This name info is also not shared with others.

Online Ordering

Any information provided by customers to the Online Store is used strictly for transactional purposes and will not be shared with outside parties. Order processing is through PayPal and we only receive the transaction information, including the customer’s name and address for mailing purposes. We do not receive any credit card information from the customers. We may occassionally elect to send email or postal information to previous customers about any offers, specials, or new products added to the Online Store.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.



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