A Look Inside

A Look Inside Signs & Seasons

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The Sky Above

The Luminaries
Stars, Fixed and Wandering
The Cycles of the Sun and Moon
The Calendar
The Traditions of Classical Astronomy
Modern Artificial Timekeeping

Chapter 1
The Light He Called Day

Telling the Time of Day
Divisions of the Day
Dividing the Light from the Darkness
Direction and the Sky
The Horizon
Astronomical Alignments
Movements of the Sky
A Day Over Washington, D.C.

Chapter 2
The Darkness He Called Night

The Bears
The Naming of the Stars
The Celestial Sphere
The Rolling of the Sphere
Always Visible, Never Visible
The Circle of the Meridian
The Celestial Equator

Chapter 3
The Cycle of the Month

The Wandering Moon
Lunar Calendar
The New Moon
The Waxing Crescent
First Quarter
The Gibbous Moon
The Full Moon
The Rising and Setting of the Moon
The Waning Moon

Chapter 4
The Tabernacle for the Sun

The Ecliptic
The Sun’s Motion along the Ecliptic
Astronomy or Astrology?
The Oblique Circle of the Zodiac
Following the Zodiac
The Southern Zodiac
“ Signs ”
Rounding Out the Circle

Chapter 5
The Cycle of the Year

The Sun’s Passage through the Zodiac
March Hath XXXI Days
April Hath XXX Days
May Hath XXXI Days
June Hath XXX Days
July Hath XXXI Days
August Hath XXXI Days
Summer Heat
September Hath XXX Days
October Hath XXXI Days
Standard Time
November Hath XXX Days
December Hath XXXI Days
January Hath XXXI Days
February Hath XXVIII Days
March Again

Chapter 6
The Seasonal Stars

Rolling through the Seasons
The Winter Sky
The Spring Sky
The Summer Sky
The Autumn Sky
Perseus, Father of the Persians
The Winter Sky Again
The Annual Courses of the Stars
Progression of the Seasonal Skies

Chapter 7
The Wandering Stars

The Classical Planets
The Modern Planets
The Superior Planets
The Inferior Planets
Motions of the Inferior Planets
Motions of the Superior Planets
The Dance of the Planets
The Moon as a Classical Planet
The Seasons of the Moon’s Phases

The Calendar

The Lunar Calendar
The Solar Calendar
The Roman Calendar
The Julian Calendar
Passover and Easter
Easter – Pagan Origins?
Changing Customs
The Error in the Calendar
Calendar Reform
The LORD’s Timekeepers Abandoned

Field Activities

Activities are provided to accompany each chapter to enable the student of the sky to make systematic observations of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets. These field activities will assist in creating a field journal that enable a high school student to establish work hours toward high school credit. These activities can also be used by younger students under parental supervision.


Biographia of Quoted Authors
Astronomical Tables

I. Finding Orion
II. Finding the Big Dipper
III. Finding the Zodiac Constellations
IV . First Magnitude Stars
V . The Constellations of Signs & Seasons
VI. Oppositions of the Superior Planets, A.D. 2005-2020
VII. Cycles of Venus, A.D. 2005-2020

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