THIS WEEK! Grab your binocs! The brilliant, blazing planet VENUS aligns with the PLEIADES, the bright star cluster in Taurus, near Orion. The closest alignment is on the evening of Friday, April 3, 2020. If you’re STILL not familiar with Venus, it’s the bright, blazing “star” hanging high in the western sky in the evening during and after dusk twilight.

You can see Venus move into and out of alignment on the days before and after. This only happens once every 8 years so be sure to catch it! (Clear skies permitting, of course.)

As mentioned, Venus aligns with the Pleiades every 8 years. This alignment occurs on or about same date of April 3, a cycle which varies only very slightly over a span of centuries. However, in 2020, Venus makes the closest alignment in 48 years for the calendar date of April 3, at least as viewed from the eastern USA. So anyway, grab your binocs!

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